RainMachine Touch HD-12 is one of the best water timers we have selected after many days of research. We consider different aspects when choosing a timer. We do a lot of research and then review the timer. RainMachine Touch HD-12  is modern technology. Which we use to irrigate our homes and gardens. The need for this Rainmachine for irrigation is immense. For those of us who irrigate gardens and backyards, it has become very important to save water in advance.

One of the most important steps in our gardening is to install a water-based smart irrigation controller. RainMachine Touch HD-12 is one of the most widely used irrigation technology in the market so far. I tested it in such a way that it can be used in both rain and dry conditions.

We have been working with the Garden Water team for a long time. We work with a lot of timers and then we review. So we have already discussed the top 10 timers. You can see them if you want.

Product Description:

If you want to keep your garden lawns alive and healthy, you can use this Rainmachine. By using it you can save money spent on gardening. Irrigation of the garden by bucket is very tedious. A variety of smart devices have been invented to get rid of the irrigation process by this bucket.

The device is designed to keep you worry-free and to provide the water needed to irrigate each lawn in the garden. Using this process will save you a lot of money.Also, It connects with weather forecasting organizations and stations.

This device is able to access all the data and weather information needed to water your lawn and garden adequately. The correct spatial resolution of this forecast is up to 1.5 km. Crystal Clear, 6.5 “‘Ultra Bright, Touchscreen Display These items are the first notable feature of the RainMachine Touch HD-12 unit. Also, the control icon is clearly mentioned on the screen for easy identification. Built-in sensor is attached. It supports 802.11N protocol and 2.4 GHz network. It connects to WiFi network. You can take it with one year warranty from the manufacturer if you want.

Smart rain machines use weather data for scheduling features. The touch screen mechanism has been used in it as excellent quality. This touch screen process controls and monitors other onboard devices. It plays an important role in dealing with the problem of sunlight. It is not uncommon for you to feel overwhelmed when it comes to caring for your garden. You may have been thinking for a long time that having such a device could save you from these problems. Yes, I am going to tell you about such modern technology. You can get rid of extra work by using the smart devices that have been invented now.

RainMachines Available in The Market:

There are three main Rainmachines available in the market such as Mini 8, Touch HD-12, and Touch HD-16. Provides the number behind the name to denote regions. The Mini 8 Rain Machine provides water to 8 different areas and will also provide you with a variety of facilities. Due to its small size, the Mini 8 is different from the others and the touch screen is very easy to operate. But all its features exist inside the three Rainmachines. The features of the rain machine are Mini-8, Touch HD-12, and Touch HD-16.

Easy Installation and Setup:

Easy Installation and Setup:


There is nothing to be afraid of thinking about how to set up a smart controller for irrigation system. You will be able to set the RainMachine Touch HD-12 without it and will install it using a conventional irrigation controller. You can watch our videos to understand how the wires are connected to the controller.

A paper template is kept in the rain machine box for the hole where the controller needs to be drilled to attach it to the wall. You can replace this template with a wall where holes have already been drilled. Since holes were already drilled in the wall, you can attach the rain machine to the wall. Controller wiring processes can be complicated for you if it is the first controller you use. No worries, this RainMachine Touch HD-12 is the easiest to install among the competitors. You can be sure that installing your RainMachine with an older device will make it much easier.

The Entire Installation Can be Completed in One Hour

The easiest way to install it is to set up the basic program of RainMachine pic2 then the setting options and the work of the programming zone. Then you need to touch the settings icon, then select the programs, and finally add new programs to it. You can give the program any name you want, such as vegetable garden, garden lawn, daily watering frequency, you can identify it with any one of the names. With it, you can set the base watering duration and start duration.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Duration of Basal Water:

The time of watering on a normal day in summer refers to the period of watering. This will enable the RainMachine Touch HD-12 to adjust while watering. It usually depends on the current weather conditions and the time of year. Allows you to select which region you want to apply for this program to. When you have finished setting up the program, you will press the save button.

You must first name the garden areas, then you will determine the type of plant. If the Rainmachine programs fail to adapt to the climate of that region and data is not available then you can set it up for historical average usage. You can set up earlier programs like cycling and sock if you want to divide the watering period into multiple cycles. You can set it in a place that allows water to get wet everywhere and helps avoid run-off. If you are pressured again to give water then you can put delay in the zones.

The Wizard will Guide you Through the Setup:

As soon as this RainMachine Touch HD-12 is turned on for the first time, its system starts booting. And it will take you through a wizard setup so that you can connect it to a WiFi network. You will use the touch screen to list your WiFi network with the network on the Rainmachine. Also, You will then enter a password of your choice into your WiFi.

 It will use GPS data only to understand your location and you will also be asked to confirm it. When you set up a login account, give this rain machine system a name of your choice. From then on, you would call it “Mr. Rain” by your preferred name. This rain machine will take you as a step when giving the password to the account.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Other Features Include:

Programs require a snooze setting to avoid several days of setup. This will avoid watering your garden if it is included in the freeze-protect temperature and falls below certain thresholds. If your garden needs extra water in the summer, this is a great alternative to heatwaves. It is compatible with both good and bad, the main plus being the ability to customize the Rainmachine system is considered very important. If there is ever a problem as an advantage, it will depend on how well you customize it.

If the garden reflects rain sensitivity, climate, microclimate then it will perform well for you. You will then need to change the default settings on wind sensitivity and field capacity.

Problems with regular wind may occur. In addition, if you ever leave the default settings, you may have a variety of problems depending on the situation. Sometimes it happens that you have changed the default settings incorrectly or you have not done the default settings at all then you may not be completely satisfied with the result.

Key Benefits of RainMachine Touch HD-12:

As mentioned, the 12 number of Touch HD 12 has been fixed for 12 zone feature. The decent number for medium-sized gardens and large gardens is 12 zone. You can easily and easily install a master valve with wiring in each of the zones for convenience. In addition to onboard tweaking, it has the ability to operate in 12 regions via touch screen. If you think you don’t need 12 zones then Mini 8 RainMachine is applicable for you. Also, if you want to get more zone-based than 12 zones, we will tell you about Touch HD-16.

Feature Control of the RainMachine Touch HD-12 App:

RainMachine Touch HD-12 App:


RainMachine Touch HD-12 app is available for iOS and Android and allows you to track the exact time of the garden and the weather. It helps build user-friendliness as dashboards offer. Also, It is able to provide you with the required and usable data and statistics. This app will be able to display data and graphs from week to month to month and even throughout the year through landscape view of your smartphone.

Both the web app and the smartphone are equally important in the case of the Rainmachine smart sprinkler. These are very easy and important to use, especially among newcomers. However, the technology has been closely monitored, especially for intelligent users. The RainMachine app can be compared to Rachio because both are the best in the market.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Can Be Controlled From Anywhere:

You can control your garden from anywhere with the help of RainMachine Touch HD-12. Not only can it be controlled from inside the garden, you can also control it from inside or outside the garden through the app if you want. Most of the time when using internet you can access some web apps on your laptop or pc like chrome, firefox, internet, explorer, Microsoft edge, safari, opera, and many more. The devices of the Rainmachine will be automatically detected with the above local network. Eventually, all these are done in a single interface.

Weather And Moisture Data:

RRainMachine Touch HD-12 has no humidity sensor in its system. The Rainmachine relies entirely on the data of the downloaded NOAA, no matter what settings you make for customizing it while watering the programs.

Multiple Weather Sources:

The gardens are mostly on the opposite side of the controller. Useful and reliable sources of Rainmachine are needed to get the weather forecast and various types of information. It is usually connected via Wi-Fi. And It has recently become free (NOAA) from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is up-to-date to get accurate weather forecasts. The main authority of meteorologists is the radar NOAA, also meteorological stations, satellites. The RainMachine will use the specific location of the road for your area to get accurate weather information.

The names of some of the weather organizations used in the Rainmachine are dark sky, FAWN, Wtterdienst, open weather map, Cimis, davis, and many more. The RainMachine will return to past statistics when its forecast data is unavailable. It is usually used to recommend routines and to schedule watering appropriately. Rain machines update weather data several times a day just to calculate a certain amount of water for your plants.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Certified Devices:

RainMachine Touch HD-12 received WaterSense certification only for performance and efficiency. If you use this Rainmachine you will get some discounts when you buy it and it will help you to save money. You need to contact the local water company to get a rebate. This will make it work much better and will be able to conserve water.
Multiple Monitoring Zones:

Depending on the type of vegetation, slope, soil exposure, and more you may need to observe in-depth at a designated place in the garden. Their water needs may change from time to time. Rainmachines will allow you to build up to 12 zones. And for each zone, there are variations or similar features. You can monitor programming, zoning, scheduling, and monitoring with your smartphone or web app.

Data Stored Locally:

In addition to the cloud, RainMachine locally stores all the security of the device, including passwords, and all the necessary data compared to its counterparts. Your data will be enhanced and secured, respectively, and will be protected or monitored by third parties. The operation of this device will not be affected if it is disconnected from your Wi-Fi connection or any Internet service is down.

Touchscreen Controls:


Touchscreen control is one of the important highlights of the RainMachine Touch HD-12. However, the touchscreen is able to remain intact. By default, the touchscreen will display the weather forecast for the next few days, which is beyond your imagination. You can also do onboard tweaking if you want based on that information through the touchscreen.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Design:

We have learned from our experience that the RainMachine Touch HD-12 is one of the best and quality of all the smart sprinklers available. Also Mini-6 and Touch HD-16. Attractively designed and cloud-independent, smart WiFi connectivity, and irrigation control devices are all connected inside this RainMachine Touch HD-12. It is designed for indoor use only and will weigh approximately 11 ounces. It usually measures 6 inches by 4 inches. RainMachine Touch HD-12 runs on normal 24V AC, 50 / 60Hz, and draws up to 650 mA. Everything is able to come only through the power adapter.

It has a touch screen as well as a plastic cover which is very nice and smooth. Also, It has to be usable and long-term. You can use a master valve if you want and need to pay attention to the detailed instructions in the manual of the Rainmachine. You can follow these instructions without any hassle and get help from an experienced person to set up its wiring. The device is connected to weather forecasting stations to accurately execute data on the amount of water in your garden and weather information. It has a projected resolution of up to 1.5 km.

Crystal-clear, 6.5 “UltraBite Touch Screen Display RainMachine Touch HD-12 is something you need to notice from the start. Showing control icons on the screen makes it easier for you to identify. Its ability to display data locally via smartphone Is connected to a powerful Wi-Fi network with protocol statistics of 802.11N and bands of 2.4GHz. You can get it from the manufacturer with one year warranty.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Sprinkler Controller System:



You were first informed that RainMachine Touch HD-12 paper template has been used. Using a paper template in it will make it much easier and faster for you to attach to the wall. You tap the paper template on the wall, then drill holes in the space indicated by the template. You can easily attach the rain machine with the help of screws.

If you first plug the Rainmachine into the power outlet. Then you will need to boot the system. You need to download this app on your own smartphone. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. When you connect it to one of your specific Wi-Fi networks. Then you need to make sure that the Rainmachine is following the GPS data of your location. It is very important to make an accurate diagnosis of your position urgently. Because the rain machine includes NOAA weather data.

Setting up the Zone:

It will be very easy for you to set up RainMachine Touch HD-12 if you want a basic smart sprinkler. You need to touch the settings icon at the beginning of the setup. You need to select a new program to add programs to it. If you want to know the name of a program we can tell you a name like wate set.

In Comparison to its Contemporaries:

The device stores its data locally, including the password, from monitoring the location of the Rainmachine locally, instead of the cloud. Your data is so secure that no one else can see it. If your Wi-Fi connection is disconnected due to a problem. And the Internet service will help protect your device from damage if it doesn’t work properly.

Save Water & Money:

Using the RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart Sprinkler will save you both water and money. This will save you money by preventing wastage of water.

Conserve Water & Save Your Wallet:

About 70% of the total water used by a house goes through the landscape during the dry season. It is thought to be based on research by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Experts estimate that more than 50% of landscape water is wasted. It uses temperature through accurate scheduling and has the ability to use forecasts for the next seven days. Adjust your scheduled watering schedule. Also uses the data during precipitation and wind. One of the reasons for designing this is that it can improve the efficiency of watering scientifically and prevent water wastage very well.

Easy Connect & Easy Control:

The RainMachine needs to be connected to your smartphone or tablet if you want to manage water usage remotely. The application for RainMachine has been invented so that it can run automatically with your local network. These are made accessible through a simple, secure, and usable interface. NOAA is considered as the country ready for the weather.

The RainMachine is connected via Wi-Fi and it takes every 8 hours to download the weather data. The satellite employs thousands of weather station radars (NOAA). It provides the most accurate weather forecast. The huge data center has ongoing advanced climate modeling for free use in your garden. NOAA is also called the Atmospheric and National Oceanic Administration.


RainMachine Touch HD-12 Enhanced Security:

Keep the password of RainMachine Touch HD-12 to yourself. Never publish all the contents of your garden on the Internet as it may harm you. RainMachine stores all certificates locally on your device but does not apply to Internet servers. If you follow these guidelines, you don’t have to rely on third-generation services to protect your garden.

Multiple Data Sources & Ultimate Data Establishment:

The Touch HD-12 has the ability to collect a wide variety of information sources, from weather information. These sources of information increase accuracy and reliability. This way you can make your garden depend on the right information. And based on this information you can create a schedule for watering.

Protects Your Plants From Excess Temperature:

Rainmachines will protect your garden from overheating or freezing weather. For example, we can tell you that a Rainmachine will automatically stop watering your garden. Irrigation will start again when the temperature drops below the pre-determined level. You can suspend its programs from the first week to the month by adjusting to your local climate. This Rainmachine increases the water output to improve your garden during extra heat.

Precision Forecast:

The Rainmachine never lags behind the fast-changing weather patterns. Forecast data is updated at least a few times a day. It also provides accurate and reliable evapo transcription calculations. The sprinkler controller against which the zip code is used, the Rainmachine is located at its designated address. And is able to accurately download all weather information in less than 1.5 miles or 2.5 kilometers.

Nobody Else owns Your Garden, Cloud Independent by Design:

Only you can control your garden according to the design of RainMachine. Your garden cannot be properly controlled by anyone else. You will be able to observe all the activities of the garden without any connection with any kind of cloud service. Every day the Rainmachine adjusts its water. It also connects to National 2 and National 3 for weather data sources via reliable WiFi. Rainmachines are generally compatible with nature for optimal efficiency. It provides all the necessary data and information free of cost to its users.

Start Saving Now!

If the weather in your area allows, depending on the climate, Rainmachine will save up to 80% of water every week or at the end of the month. And this 80% water saving is considered to be the highest record of Rainmachine. The Rainmachine pays itself off all its water bills in less than two years, by saving the maximum water bill. The green IoT appliance needs the skills and performance to make the fastest payments. For this, Watersense Certified has been used in RainMachine. You will need to check with the local water company to get the discount. You can view free reviews from the app from the Google Play Store to properly control the rain machine.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • Self-contained without any notice or warning.
  • Collects weather information from various sources.
  • Advanced Watersense label attached.
  • Controls the irrigation system automatically.
  • Can be observed from anywhere.
  • The app has a versatile process.
  • Has the ability to control through voice.
  • Smart gadgets can be connected without any hassle.
  • Ability to observe up to 12 zones.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How compatible is the rain machine in irrigating the garden and conserving water?

Answer: Rainmachine is very important for early water conservation in case of irrigation as per the demand in the garden. If for some reason it is difficult to irrigate the garden, the Rainmachine uses the water stored earlier for irrigation.

Question: Can it be used in both rain and dry conditions?

Answer: Yes, this rain machine is one of the most widely used water irrigation technology in the market. We also tested it and confirmed that it can be used in both rain and dry conditions.

Question: What are the benefits of using the rain machine?

Answer: There are many benefits to using a Rainmachine. One of the benefits is saving money on your garden.

Question: How many types of Rainmachines can we get in the market?

Answer: We usually get three types of Rainmachines in the market such as Mini 8, Touch HD-12 Touch HD-16, etc.

Question: Is it possible to control Rainmachine from anywhere?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can control the rain machine from any position if you want. It’s not just the gardens that can be controlled. You can also control from outside the garden through the application if you want.

Question: Does the Rainmachine have a humidity sensor board?

Answer: There is no humidity sensor board in the RainMachine Touch HD-12 system. Downloading this Rainmachine relies entirely on NOAA data.

Question: What percentage of water is the rain machine able to save every week and month?

Answer: Depending on the climate in your area, depending on the climate, this rain machine will be able to save about 80% water per week or month. And this is considered to be the highest record of 60% water saving.


In the end, we can say that Rainmachine Touch HD-12 is one of the best timers for watering the garden. Its demand is increasing day by day. It will make your garden beautiful. Also, It offers many benefits. A special advantage of this is the touch screen. This Rainmachine first saves water which is later used during steepness. There are also some differences that differ from other timers. So the Rainmachine Touch HD-12 is compared to the Rachio 3. You can choose this timer for your garden without any worries. You can buy Rainmachine Touch HD-12 for all aspects of your garden.